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Do you play games, sports or compete in any way and like to keep statistics? Rating lists provides a way to show the results in form of a ranking list based on the chess rating system. You can create as many lists as you want, and share the results easily by Facebook, Twitter or email. All results will be safely stored and statistics will be available only to the people you choose to share with.


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Latest changes

November 2017: Minor improvements to navigation (more bread crumbs, links etc.).

October 2017: You may now import results registered on BoardGameGeek.com. You can choose to add all results from all games or just results from a specific game. It will keep tab on which results come from BGG, so you can safely import multiple times should you so wish.

September 2017: Added more statistics. You can now click on a player to see their stats and even compare one player to another. You can also see all results for the list and for a specific player. And added a way to easily share the rating lists to Facebook and Twitter.