Frequently Asked Questions

Which rating system is used?

This uses the rating system used in chess. Read about the Elo system here. This version starts everyone at 1800 and uses a K-factor of 10. Inactive players, those who have not played in 90 days, are put below active players, but keep their rating.

How does this work for multiplayer games?

Let's say you have played a four player game. The result is: John:22;Paul:15;Luke:11;Halvard:0 . Paul ended up in second place. In this rating system he has then played three games. He lost against John, but he beat Luke and Halvard. This means as long as you avoid last place you may still gain rating points.

I lost rating points even though I played two games, won one and lost the other. How is that possible?

If you play someone rated lower than you you win less points when you win and you lose more points when you lose. The higher your rating gets the better you need to perform to gain further rating points. At around 120 rating points difference you need to win twice as often as you lose just to keep your rating. And the system is logarithmic (360 rating points difference means the higher rated player is expected to win 8 games to every 1 game lost).

Where do I report errors?

Please send errors to halvardhagesaether at Please try to explain what the error was, what you did before it happened, which browser you used and add screenshots if possible.

Can I suggest a change?

Please send change requests to halvardhagesaether at